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Health monitoring speed wearable smart device first year arrival

The industry has argued that, as smartphones destroy flip phones, tablets destroy traditional PCs, and the rise of wearable smart devices will destroy smartphones and computers. We dare not jump to conclusions, but wearable smart devices indeed are leading to a revolution in science and technology.
Wearable smart devices through the mobile Internet in the East is raging, Google glasses, Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watches wearable devices is currently the most widely discussed examples, and Pebble technology to launch Pebble smart watches, SONY launched SmartWatch, Qualcomm will also release Toq smart watches in the fourth quarter of 2013. Can not be missed as well as apple, although the long rumored iWatch smart watches are not yet available, but the new version of Apple’s iPhone5s is equipped with M7 leveraging motion sensing chips to redefine wearable smart devices market, or will make the health monitoring and fitness applications to reach new heights.
Wearable intelligent medical monitoring device can monitor the patient in real time, and the feedback data can improve the accuracy of diagnosis. This health monitoring model outside the hospital and away from the doctor’s office has a higher cost performance. With China’s increasing investment in health care, the use of today’s advanced technology, workflow and preventive health care model will result in high cost performance and many other advantages.
The letter of application manager medical equipment market Steve LaJeunesse said that the ultra low power analog measurement circuit, the complex signal processing technology, ultra low power microcontroller and other technology integration is wearable smart device development trend.

Application of sensor technology in smart home and cardio cerebral health monitoring

In November 21st, a Chinese first exhibition of science and technology, said the 2016 Shenzhen fair closing. It is reported that this exhibition a total of 37 countries and more than 23000 items on display and storage, exhibitors reached 589 thousand people, the average daily reception booth 240 professional audience.
The 2016 Shenzhen fair site, China Unicom Home Furnishing display intelligent model and sensor device.
At the fair site, many companies launched the field of intelligent Home Furnishing, intelligent driving and other things for the audience to experience the latest research results, precise and meticulous is many viewers experience the greatest feeling.
China Unicom ‘s model of “wal family manager” attracted many businessmen and visitors to come forward to consult. At the scene, smoke sensor, infrared sensor equipment, mobile camera, magnetic sensors Goods are available in all varieties. in the model, provides a complete solution to cover the entire furniture. Among them, the intelligent valve manipulator, but also in the perception of water immersion sensors, smoke sensors and other unsafe factors, automatically close the valve to ensure safety.

Wear new equipment “skin patch”, you can monitor health with sweat

According to the “Daily Mail” reported that the Northwestern University professor Rogers John A. team developed a thin skin patch, can produce sweat metabolites and electrolyte according to user movement, to monitor the health of users, and real-time synchronization of data to intelligent mobile phone. However, the coin sized skin patch itself does not require power and is available for only a few hours.
Ultra thin wearable device! “Skin patches” can read your health data with sweat
When you are sweating, the skin patch can read your sweat, health monitoring information
Human sweat contains a wealth of physiological information, which provides a new opportunity for bio wearable devices. However, the human sweating process is complex and requires effective extraction of skin related information from various sources, so it is not easy to complete the study. John A. professor Rogers years dedicated to biological research on the wearable electronic devices, and finally in the recently launched a new health information can be read from the thin sweat patch, and recently the research results published in the “Science TranslaTIonal Medicine” journal.

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